HiperKinetic provides the ability to export data to CSV files, enabling the consumption within existing business intelligence infrastructures.

Main Metrics:

Visitor: person within and area (aisle) being monitored
Shopper: visitor who interacted with product

  • Number of visitors
  • Time of entry and exit
  • % Visitors through monitored area (aisle)
  • Ratio of visitors vs. shoppers
  • Average time in monitored area (aisle)

Interaction: shoppers interactions with products
Pick-up: product actually removed from the shelf
Return: product returned to the shelf
Touch: interaction with product not resulting in pickup or not related to return
Conversion: product picked up by shopper and not returned for the duration of the visit

  • Duration of interaction
  • Pickups, returns and touches by product and category
  • Conversions by product and category
  • Conversions per shopper and per visitors
  • Conversions per touches
  • Average interaction time
  • Touches, pickups, returns, conversions per visit